WIATT iii is an interactive testing program that works very well for educators to place students where they need to be in their school. It can often be used to see if a student needs to be placed in a special education program. WIATT iii Advertisements

Computer Apps

Here are links to some great learning apps for using inside the special education classroom:      Phonics Genius       Word Magic       iDev Books


  I had to put iPads in the list of technologies. If used appropriately, they can become a huge success in the classroom because of their interactive learning apps and abilities to transfer curricular material efficiently. Students can pace themselves at their own level using iPads and they also have access to classroom material. Students…

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync allows for people to communicate from long distances. For example, if there is a student with a math learning disability and does not have access to the best resources in the school, Microsoft Lync allows for opportunities to correspond face-to-face through the internet. Microsoft Lync


SmartBoards are great for interacting with students in the classroom. It’s been shown that students pay more attention to the value it offers with learning activities and touch sensitive format. Check out what SMART technology has to offer here: SMART

Tobii Technology

  This amazing device allows for people to gaze at the screen and communicate with their eyes! They gaze at what they need from the screen and it commands after three seconds. It is able to be attached to wheelchairs. Tobii

Nova Chat

This text to speech program is ideal for students with reading disabilities. Text can be read aloud and speech can be converted to text. NovaChat


  This is a useful resource to use in the classroom because it helps capture everything spoken in class and everything written by the student. LiveScribe How it works: Link to live scribe tutorial.